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At CWP we believe in serving our clients by working together on their wealth journey. ‘Wealth’ is defined differently for everyone and understanding what is important to you is our main objective.

People are often asked what are their goals and objectives?  Sometimes it is difficult to articulate these, so we can help you work through that process.  Having a plan is a simple yet effective way to achieve any objective.  The financial planning experience is not one where a plan is written and shelved, but we believe it is a living and breathing process that may be constantly reviewed and adapted.

We are passionate about guiding you through this process to help take away the jargon and navigate the constantly changing legislation, so that you can focus on the most important thing for you – enjoying your life.

We understand that trusting someone with your very intimate details can be overwhelming and everyone has a unique situation and their own story.  We consider it a privilege to be trusted by clients with their journey including their financial and personal situation and we do not take this position lightly.

We believe in Collaborating with you, to work together to achieve your objectives. The measure of wealth is different for everyone but important to achieve your objectives.

Our partnership is a journey we are on together, and includes you, your trusted adviser, as well as the numerous stakeholders involved in your financial situation.

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We provide holistic advice and partner with you for life

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What our clients are saying

Louise is the best person that we have dealt with in regard to making future financial decisions, in particular for our retirement. We had had a few financial planners in the past that whilst competent, really didn’t give the impression that they cared about us as people. Louise is different. She has good old fashioned common sense as well as a caring attitude. Louise really talks to you as a person, not just to find out what you would like to do, but what you can do and ways of achieving your goals. We really appreciate the advice Louise gives us and her currency of knowledge of the ever changing rules for the financial industry is exceptional.

Deb & Glenn

We have been with Chris for over 7 years and are very happy with the tailored advice that he has presented to me. Collaborative Wealth have always been available for any information that I may need and have kept me informed all the time.

Frank & Ruth

We choose to engage Louise for financial planning when we were approaching retirement. We didn't really know what to expect from a financial planner but we felt comfortable when we met Louise. Louise was able to put the complex jargon into simple language for us to understand. We thought financial planning was just about investing but we learnt there were so many more opportunities and strategies for us to consider and implement to make the most of our retirement. Having someone expert in the field look after things for us enables us to focus on our retirement.

Jim & Elizabeth

I have worked with Chris Kelly for over 6 years, and I have been extremely happy with his advice. He makes you feel comfortable and explains things in a manner that you can understand. Chris and his team always keep me informed of everything. As Chris is fully up to date with all Centrelink rules and requirements, it makes life so much easier for us that are on pensions. Always happy to recommend CWP to others!


Louise has been my financial adviser for a number of years now and is always available. She provides clear and concise information and her advice has enabled me to grow my superannuation to retire earlier than I would have without financial assistance. It is good to have a specialist on my side guiding me all the way.

Kathy F

My husband and I are so grateful for the helpful, caring and supportive information from Chris and his team. He has provided personalised advice to support us before my husband's retirement and now in his retirement. The CWP team has helped ease the stress of Centrelink by handling that for us. Without their help we wouldn't be able to enjoy the comfortable lifestyle we both are in now.

Ron & Pam

We consider ourselves really fortunate to have had our financial portfolio handed on to Louise. She has not only made us feel comfortable and won our trust, but has achieved ongoing growth on our behalf. Of particular note, Louise invested considerable time into resolving a complicated inherited issue, which she pursued & rectified through her sheer persistence.

Debbie & Daryl

I would definitely recommend the services of CWP. During the past several years that I have been working with Chris, I’ve found that he offers high quality services and helps me make well-informed decisions. His team is welcoming and available to have a chat. I can confidently say that I have always been satisfied with his advice.


Chris has been looking after our financial affairs for almost ten years. During our association with Chris we have always felt comfortable and very happy with the personalised advice he has provided. Whenever we needed assistance, Chris or his staff have always been there to help no matter what the problem was. Chris has always been pleasant and very helpful with our financial affairs.

Ian & Karen